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flip flop 02
flip flop 02
flip flop 02
flip flop 02
flip flop 02
flip flop 02
flip flop 02
flip flop 02
flip flop 02

flip flop 02

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This is a special build of our filp flops for our friend Paul, who likes to wear our flip flops hard, claim he didn't, and then ask "was that supposed to happen?"

Basically, he's our accidental tester, and we love it. So here's a special set of super strong, doubled up, hand-sewn straps, just for Paul (and you, if you feel the need to push your flip flops hard).

02s are hand-stitched without glue, they're light, comfortable & easily repaired. Crafted with U.S. sourced vegetable tanned leather and protected by our hand-crafted coconut wax ---- no logos or branding. 02s last as long as you want, because they're fully rebuildable/renewable.

Shown in Brown. Available in Honey, Brown, or Stout colors.

Backed by the OHA guarantee.

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  • doubled, hand-sewn saddle stitch straps
  • hand crafted in our Santa Fe workshop
  • crafted specifically for you
  • all leather / no glue / fully renewable & repairable
  • hammer hardened and replaceable leather sole
  • no arch support / zero drop
  • no logo / no branding
  • finished with our hand-crafted coconut oil wax
  • wear them as long as you repair them™
  • backed by the OHA guarantee


  • vegetable tanned leather made in the USA
  • dyneema® thread
  • hand-crafted coconut oil wax


Think of your sandals like a bicycle instead of a disposable good. When a tire flats or the tread runs thin, you don’t throw your bike away, you fix your tire and keep riding. Every part on your OHAs can easily be replaced because we don't use glue.

Re-threading a pair of OHAs takes around 15 - 20 minutes (maybe a bit longer if it's your first try). Get a re-thread kit and sew them up, or, if you don't feel like a little sewing, buy a re-thread send them to us, and we'll re-thread them and get them back to you.

Re-soling a pair of OHAs is pretty easy, too. Buy a re-sole, send your sandals to us, and we'll resole them and send them back to you.