Current lead time: 2 - 3 weeks

OHA is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where we're inspired by incredible natural beauty and a pace of life that keeps things human & happy.

OHA started back in 2000 with Tim's crazy love of sandals and his hope to make the best sandals he could, sandals that would last, be good looking, and comfortable. He started building sandals back then, learning everything from scratch.

We opened in 2014, and we're very lucky to be building sandals in our own shop in Santa Fe. Our original sandal design (the 01) took four years to figure out, but it was worth it. We make other things, too, whenever we come up with a design we want in our lives.

We focus on slowly crafting beautiful & useful objects. Each product we craft for you is a meditation for us.

We hope you love your OHAs, and thanks for stopping by.

Clarissa & Tim